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The National Release of Wacky Packages ANS3 is out NOW!   First spotted on March 1st, and Bonus Stickers appeared March 2nd.


We saw TV Commercials for ANS1 and ANS2, but they were cancelled before this third series was released.

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A THIRD Release with BUBBLE GUM hit stores on April 26th.   Instead of 6 stickers per pack, there are 5 stickers and one slab of gum, wrapped in cellophane.  A special 18-pack Sam's Club Box w/Gum is available only at Sam's and has 4 stickers per pack.

    The new Gum Wrappers and wacky box dropped the "Rainbow" again, like the test set.  The national release wrapper and box say "Rainbow Foil Stickers" rather than just "Foil Stickers" on the front and back, although both examples have the same code numbers and UPC.  The Poster, which was released with the National Set, shows the Test Set wrapper.

Again, as with the last series, the National Release is slightly different from the Test Set.  The test set (released Dec 14, 2005) was unknowingly printed with too much yellow, which caused the sticker colors to differ slightly from the original paintings.  This has been corrected for the national release, though most titles will show little difference in hue.

The Magnets now have a super-glossy finish, just like the stickers.  The Test Magnets had a flat finish, similar to the vintage series.  Also, the Magnets and Foils are now located between the stickers in the packs.  In previous sets, they were the last card inserted and could sometimes be felt through the wrapper.

The Wacky Packages ANS3 set includes 9 Magnet Inserts with classic images like Slum Maid and Bustedfinger.  Plus a subset of 10 Foil Stickers with new titles (not found in the 55 card base set) instead of the Tattoo Set we saw in earlier series.

With 71 new titles (55 base titles, 10 Rainbow Stickers, plus 6 Bonus Stickers ), ANS3 holds the record for the most new wackys in any series.  Three titles (Hi-Sea, Picky Stix, & Snore Caps) were dropped from the Preliminary Checklist and may be held over for ANS4.


Two titles have variations on the back.   The 9-piece Cap'n Crutch puzzle, found on the backs of ANS3 stickers, was printed with and without a copyright line in the bottom left corner.  These two back variations are found on stickers #7 Breakbone's and #53 Prickles.



The image used for the ANS3 Hipton Magnet is actual taken from the 1973 Poster Series.

The there are six Bonus Stickers for ANS3.  Stickers numbered B1, B2, and B3 will be sold in bonus boxes at Wal-Mart, Target, and Toys-R-Us.  While B4, B5, and B6 will be available only in Blister Packs.

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Promo Card   2006 ANS3 Promo Card - Annoying SpitterMan
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10 RainbowoFoil Stickers

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F1-Cherry Croak


F3-Kibbles 'n Zits

F4-Crummy Time

F5-Thomess the Trainwreck


F7-Liquid Bummr

F8-Greese Sticks

F9-Raisin Brain

F10-Red Veins

ANS3 Magnet Inserts ANS3 Magnet Inserts
ANS3 Bonus Stickers
B1 McFurry B2 My Scream Barfie B3 Bullseye
B4 Mutt-Bone B5 Miracle-Growl B6 Nasty Messquik
ANS3 Puzzles BaldAid,   Slackerjack,   Cap'n Crutch with Copyright,   Cap'n Crutch without Copyright
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Miscellaneous ANS3 Items

wacky packages

ANS3 Lost Wackys   Coca-Cobra,   Hi-Sea,   Picky Stix,   Snore Caps
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ANS3 Lost Roughs
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Lost Roughs by Neil Camera

Lost Roughs by David Gross

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