Wacky Packages 1999

The Lost Series "Wacky Hackers"

1999 Topps Wacky Packages Unpublished Rough Art!

Image Courtesy of  The Topps Vault eBay Auctions

Duum,   Lame-Boy,   Monkey Dung,   Monotony,   Moth,   Must,   Nuke Pukem,   Puke-Man,   The Slums,    Streak Fighter,   Stupid Mafia Bros.,   Tired,   Windbags98

In 1999, Topps contemplated releasing a video-game sticker set entitled "Wacky Hackers" using the same style as its popular Wacky Packages design.  Topps commissioned well-known wacky artist Jay Lynch to come up with several rough sketches lampooning popular video game boxes.  This parody set idea never made it past the pre-production stage.   According to Topps, only three rough sketches survived, but then many more turned up.


Here's what the original artist had to say --

Actually there were a few more Wacky Hackers gags... Moron Utilities... There was a parody of Windows... There was a Tomb Raider one... I have xeroxes of 'em buried somewhere.

The Best one was a parody of the "So You Want to be a Millionaire" video game... it was called "So you want to see My Underwear".  But we soon enough realized that the actual packaging of video games isn't consistent from one game format to another.

So there are maybe a dozen different packages for the old Pac Man game... and you don't really recognize the packaging as much as you recognize the game.  The idea for that series wasn't as sure-fire as the regular Wacky Packages stuff... - Jay Lynch

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Wacky Hackers
by Jay Lynch


Duum,   Lame-Boy,    Monkey Dung,   Monotony,   Moth,   Must,   Nuke Pukem,   Puke-Man,    The Slums,    Streak Fighter,    Stupid Mafia Bros.,   Tired,   Windbags98

Buddy List,   Buggy Brittany,   Hannah Hacker,   Lincoln Log-On

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